Sunday, March 19, 2017

Stopping by to show a little "Love"

Good morning!

Sorry I  haven't posted for awhile. Been kinda busy around the house doing some spring cleaning...:) However...I am always working on photos and wanted to take a minute and make a post and show you all a little "love"...:)

I hope you enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Processed image and HDR image comparrison

Good morning everyone.Over the past week I have been working on some processing and techniques of HDR Photography.  The 2 images I have shown here are examples of what an HDR ( High Dynamic Range) image looks like compared to a regular processed image.  In the first image I have a standard one exposure image.  In the second image I used 4 images that I stacked and then processed. 
For many this is nothing other than a preference for how you would like an image to be presented to the world and is just the artists take on a particular image.  All part of what I love about being a photographer.  We have the control in our hands to show our photos to the world in whatever way we want. In my eyes....there are no rules when it comes to art and photography. 

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day...:)


Friday, March 3, 2017

5 penny challenge

I was doing a  little indoor photography today and grabbed 5 pennies and a light and wanted to see what I could do with them.  I liked the different colors and ages of the pennies.  Standing 5 pennies up is not as easy as the photo looks. Give it a try sometime.... it will test your patience, lol. 

Thanks for stopping by to have a look...:)

Enjoy your weekend!!


Macro of  5 pennies in a row by Julie Everhart

Indoor Photography-Nail Polish Flowers

I  came across these on Pinterest last year and decided to make a few.  Now that they have  been sitting in the vase all this time I finally decided that it was time to take a few photos of them.   Not something you see everyday but they make a great little subject to take a photo of, colorful, sparkly and unique! Dontcha think?

Nail Polish Flowers by Julie Everhart

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

HDR Photography- Fun with experimentation!

Good afternoon!   I have been busy working on some techniques with HDR photos over the last few days. This was a photo I took a few months ago and processed it with an HDR filter ( or two or three, lol) to get the desired effect.  It's definitely an art form in itself learning how create the look.  Of course the best way it to stack 3-7 images at different exposures to create a lot of depth.  This was just a single exposure.

The main thing is to have fun and never be afraid to experiment with different techniques to see what you can achieve. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Digital Artworks

Lately I have been playing around with my photos and creating new digital artworks.  Digital art has always been fascinating to me. Over the past near 9 years I  have experimented with dozens of digital art programs and have watched the progression of the graphics get better and better.  I can only imagine what it will be like 10 years from now and what kind of art I will be creating...:)

Below are a  few of my most recent digital artworks that I just wanted to share with  you.

"Mirror Mirror On The Wall" by Julie Everhart
The above image is available in my Redbubble store .
Marbles by Julie Everhart

I put this image on a pair on earrings in my Zazzle Store

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and have a look...:)


Friday, February 24, 2017

My "Hey Pretty Kitty Tote Bag" arrived today!

There was a sale in my Zazzle store on this past Sunday and they had a sale on tote bags, 50% off. So I went ahead and ordered two.  This one just arrived! It's adorable!

Hey Pretty Kitty Tote Bag by Julie Everhart

I have the ONLY one in existence at this time but YOU can order one today. 
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Julie's Zazzle Store

There are 22 collections and hundreds of items
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sorry you haven't heard from me in a few days....

It's been a busy week here. One of my kitties hurt her foot and had to have surgery...:( And as you and as you can see in the photo she has the "cone of shame" on her. lol  Luckily everything went well and now she is on the road to recovery...:) She has a 2 room kitty condo and is enjoying her screened room with a bed, lol.

And as if this wasn't enough excitement, I too ended up in the ER yesterday with bad back pain. The pain got so bad that I actually passed out.  Not something I ever experienced before but I am glad after all the testing, they found  me in great health so I guess I will be around for a few more decades, lol.

I am hoping for a much better week next week and getting back to business as usual. :)

Keep those cameras clicking!


Friday, February 17, 2017

Before and After old photo changes.

Have you ever wished you could change something about a photo? CAN be done!  I had a customer that sent me some old photos and just wanted Mom and Dad to be standing a little closer in the photo. With today's technology and software it is easily achieved.  I think the customer will be pleased with the final results. Don't you?

Mom and Dad standing a little closer. ( compare to before photo)

In this second image they didn't like the window in the background.  Wanted something that made the subject stand out a little more. I used a Studio curtain backdrop and used some black and white filters and here is the final result.   I think the customer will be very pleased with the final image... or at least I hope so..:)
Background removed ( Compare to before photo)

After years of using Photoshop I am still always amazed at what powerful software it is and just how much you can do with it. It never ceases to amaze me!

This is just one of the many services we offer. Check out to read more about us and our services. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!!

 Many people are not fond of Valentine's Day for one reason or another,  well.. I am one who is! Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite "holidays'.  Mostly because I love to collect things that  have hearts on them.  I am a fan of love although I have been burned in the past I never let that stop me from finding love again. 

The images I have posted  here today arrived at my house just a short time ago from my husband.  I am one very fortunate woman to have such a thoughtful husband.  2 dozen roses, a box of chocolates and a card.  Many people find this type of a gift to be a waste of money or something that required no real though.  I disagree! 

Women loved to be thought of and I don't care who you are.. flowers bring a smile to one's face.  So guys, if you haven't gotten your wife or girlfriend a card or flowers, its  not too late.  Go out and get her something. Let her know she is thought of and that you appreciate her. This works both ways, men too like to be thought of.  If flowers and chocolates is not his thing.. well maybe you can cook him up a steak dinner with a big baked potato!! lol  Seriously, what man wouldn't like that?

Enjoy the rest of your day and Happy Valentine's Day to all!


Valentine Roses , Chocolates and Card. Photo by Julie Everhart.

Red Roses by Julie Everhart

Valentine's Chocolates by Julie Everhart

Monday, February 13, 2017

Red Dragonfly by Julie Everhart

Good morning! 

I decided to take my camera out for a little walk this morning and take a break from working in my Zazzle store.  I think I added about 100 new items over the weekend. I have been busy, lol

I was on a hunt for some butterflies or dragonflies and I happened upon this red dragonfly.  He didn't stick around long enough for me to get closer to him but I was able  to get  this shot of him.   I believe this time of the morning ( about 11 a.m.) they are still eating and quite busy. 

This photo was taken with my Nikon D810 and my Tamron 28-300mm lens.

One thing is for sure here in Florida.. spring is not far away! As each day nears you can feel the sun get a little hotter and hotter. I am  not one who likes the summer heat here in Florida and I kind of just take a break from photography when summer comes. So... with that being said I better enjoy the few weeks we have left of the Florida winter. :)

 Thank you for stopping by to have a look and as always

Keep those cameras clicking!!

Red Dragonfly by Julie Everhart

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

My St.Patty's Day Collection is open in my Zazzle Store!

As March draws near does St.Patty's Day! One of my favorite fun holidays! Check out my little collection of goodies in my Zazzle Store

My funny glasses that I got last year. Hmmmmmmm.. wonder what I will find this year????

St. Pattys Day/Irish Collection by Julie Everhart

Thursday, February 9, 2017

White Bunny with Flowers. New Digital Artwork!

Spring is close upon us now and I wanted to create some artwork that had spring as the theme.   All the items you see here and many more are available online now.  

You can see the full collection here.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Today only...30% o ff everything in my store!

I just received an email from Zazzle.. today only...30% o ff everything in my store. Here is your chance to get those items that you  have been looking at!

And.. don't forget to use the promo code :EMAILBONUS30 to get the sale price!

Click the photo below to shop now.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Halloween Sale in February!!!

I had a surprise sale in My Zazzle Store last night. I created a Halloween Collection in my store yesterday and someone bought this wall clock I that I created. I never would of guessed that I would sell a Halloween clock in early February... but I did! :)
I love that there are people out there that LOVE Halloween as much as I do...:)

Feels Like Halloween Wall Clock by Julie Everhart

Saturday, February 4, 2017

2 more sales in my Zazzle Store last night!

Someone out there took advantage of the 30% off sale on my leggings and  I couldn't be happier!  What could be better then selling your art... well.. seeing people  WEAR your art!

The leggings below is what they purchased.  One of my older digital  art designs that I decided to make into a unique wearable piece of art.

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Don't forget to use the code GONEINZFLASH

The second item that was sold was my Blue Butterfly Throw pillow.  

Come have a look around my store and see what new items have been added.  Nearly 400 items now in my store and all have been uniquely created just for you!

Friday, February 3, 2017

30% off sale till Sunday on Leggings and more in my store!

My Zazzle Store Sales- 20 items sold in ONE DAY!

Good Morning!

I took the day off yesterday as it was time to just relax a bit. I had a great day on Wednesday and including the one coffee mug I bought for myself, 20 items were sold in my store that day!  I was very happy to say the least.:)

Are you curious as to what items were being bought? Well... let me show you a few.

Cardinal Clock. Click Here to Order!
Swallowtail Butterfly Throw Pillow - Click Here  to Order!

Full Moon with Tree Throw Pillow -Click Here to Order!

Every Love Story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite-  Coffee Mug - Click Here to Order!

It was a great day to see so many people showing their support for my work and I cannot thank them enough. I only hope they are happy when their items arrive and they will come back for more. 

If you have not taken a look around my Zazzle Store you might want to take a little look around and see what kind of goodies I offer. Many are my award winning photos made into beautiful gifts and lots of my fun and whimsical digital artwork.  I now have over 350 unique items that were all made by me.  These items can be purchased no where else but in my store. 

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all a great day!


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Full Moon with Tree by Julie Everhart

I was busy creating last night and came up with this design.  Beautiful and mysterious don't ya think?

All of the items are available online and the throw pillow and candle are currently 40% off in my Zazzle store.

Just use code : COZYUPSALE17  to get the discount!

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Owl Macro by Julie Everhart

I visited the Brevard Renaissance Fair today in Melbourne, Florida and got to get up close to this gorgeous creature. I  just wanted to show you just how beautiful he was.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend and thanks for stopping by to have a look!


Friday, January 27, 2017

Spring asymmetrical designs!!

Click Here to order online!

Click Here to order online!

I wanted to create some asymmetrical designs and keep them fresh and light for spring.  This is my latest design. I hope you will like it. This pattern is available on 35 products. 

Spring is just around the corner!

I was still in the mood this afternoon to create some additional designer clothing so I kept on going with the ideas that I had come up with from last night. I made this available in an off-white color with black lines. I call it "Style Lines". Spring is just around the corner!

You can see the entire collection and items by Clicking Here.

I guess those of us who live in Florida seem to forget how the rest of the country is living while we are here in the sun,lol.

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Click Here to Order online!

Designer Dresses and much more by Me..:)

Last night I was having fun creating  some new designer clothing. Not the usual patterns, but something more artistic and creative! Bold and yet classy. Have a look for yourself and decide.  I was not inspired by anything other than my own imagination. Sometimes you just gotta think outside the box and put it out there.  Never be afraid to show the world your art.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Macro photography- Wasp Nest

I was on a hunt for dragonflies to take photos of this afternoon and for whatever reason they were all hiding from me, lol.  I did however find this little wasp nest hiding in a palm tree.  He was watching me very closely as you can see, guarding the nest!  I made sure not to disturb him as I  was not wanting any trouble, believe me!

Maybe I will find some dragonflies on  my next venture out... or something even better.  

Photo by Julie Everhart Fine Art & Photography.

My trusted photo companion.. Simon.

Good Afternoon...:)

I took a little walk outside this afternoon and as always.. my trusted companion Simon came with me.  He actually is not a very easy subject to get a photo of as he is pretty much always on the move.  Very observant cat who feels the need to protect his Mom ( me).  This cat is one of the best cats I have ever owned. He is flame-tipped Siamese, now 4 years old. We just love this kitty..:)

Enjoy the rest of your evening and thanks for stopping by!


Vintage Curls by Julie Everhart

Can you tell I love making these patterns and designs?  I created this one last night, I call it Vintage Curls. The photo below shows just a few  of the items it is available on.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Color Swirl by Julie Everhart

While sitting at the computer last night before going to bed I created this design.  These items and many more are available online now.

Comments, thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Black and White Clock Design Pattern

Good Afternoon!! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I have been really into creating and designing for my new stores. We now have the stores linked in with our FromCameratoWall Facebook page!

This is today's newest creation.  Kinda Tim Burton like but not too much. Very eye-catching and stylish.  The few people I have showed it to have loved it.

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