Saturday, January 6, 2018

Quote about Traveling and Life

Quote about Traveling and Life - Photo by Julie Everhart

There is no elevator to success...

Friday, January 5, 2018

Infrared Photography - The Beginning of My Creations

Hard to believe that about this time 4 years ago I started learning how to do Infrared Photography (photos made with invisible infrared light, rather than visible light). It was a form of photography that had my interest for many years and I was always fascinated at the images I would see online.The images would have a very mysterious and surreal feel to them and are very otherwordly. I hadn't a clue where to begin but that wasn't going to stop me! I read as much information about it as I could online and I started gathering up all the necessary equipment and would head out nearly everyday taking the time to set up my camera at each location.

The image below was taken using an IR Filter on my Nikon D200. This was a 14 second exposure. You can see I got a lot of lens flare ( the yellow dots) in this image.  Still I was pleased that I was headed in the right direction!

Strange World- The early learning stages of my Infrared Photography- by Julie Everhart

In this second image you can see that I managed to get clearer images and that was when I knew I was ready to start composing the photographs. I am a pretty fast learner but I am also very determined to learn something when I put my mind to it. You could even say I become very obsessed, lol.  

In December of 2015 I entered an Infrared Challenge on Gurushots and I won my first worldwide photography challenge. I was bound and determined to win that challenge.  Many call me the "Infrared Queen" and that is a title I am very proud of..:)  I spent the better part of 2014 taking infrared images, thousands upon thousands and spent endless hours in the digital darkroom learning how to edit these magical photos. All that hard work was worth it.

Keep those cameras clicking! 


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Best of 2017- Photo Exhibition in Milano, Italy

 The Best of 2017 Challenge just ended on Gurushots today and I finished in 110th place overall with over 31,000 photographers in this worldwide challenge...:)  There were over 120,000 images in this challenge as well. This challenge is also for a photography exhibition at the MIA Photo Fair in Milano, Italy. 

The exhibition will be held in March600 Members will be selected - 40 will be printed and 560 will be displayed digitally.

Now I wait and see which image they choose and if I will be one of the lucky ones to be printed! 

Best of 2017- Top 5%- Finished in 110th place overall. 

Thank you for all your support!

Wish me luck!!


Contrast- Fire & Ice

This was a shot that I took on a December evening in upstate New York when the sky was a beautiful orangey-red. I liked the way the contrast was between the white snow, the silhouetted tree line line and the sunset.  It wasn't an easy shot for a beginner in photography to figure out how to get, but I managed it well enough. 

Fire & Ice by Photographer Julie Everhart

You can see more of my work on my Gurushots profile or by going to our website at

The Big Florida Chill

Floridians have been experiencing some cold and blustery weather in the past 2 days and tonight we are getting to the low 30's ( with the wind chill its going to feel like 26). That's exceptionally cold to us Floridians! Hopefully our tropical plants will survive but time will tell. 

The weather we are currently experiencing made me think of an Infrared image I took a few years ago. The photo was taken at my local park on a clear day. I am sure this is not what we will see tomorrow morning when we wake up but its sure going to feel this way to us Floridians! 

Ice Blue (Infrared photography) by Julie Everhart
Stay warm and keep those cameras clicking!


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sun Pillar - An Atmospheric Optical Phenomenon

The photo I want to talk about today was another photo from the archives that I took back in mid Dec of 2008 while I was living in upstate NY.  The sky that particular evening was filled with beautiful bright reds, oranges and magentas. But wait...what was that odd light formation in the sky??? I had never seen one before and wasn't sure what it was but I knew one thing.. I better go run in the house and grab my camera ASAP! Luckily that only took me a minute as this beautiful sight did not last long and to this day I have never seen another one.  It was called a light pillar or sun pillar. and usually seen when the sun in near the horizon.Have you ever heard of one or seen one???

sun pillar is a vertical shaft of light extending upward or downward from the sun. Typically seen during sunrise or sunset, sun pillars form when sunlight reflects off the surfaces of falling ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds (like cirrostratus clouds).  (Information obtained from University of Illonois)

Sun Pillar in December -Photo by Julie Everhart
Maybe I could say this was pretty much beginners luck for me to photograph such a beautiful natural phenomenon or I could just say right time, right place?  Either way, I was glad to get a few shots and more than happy to share it with you all here.

Thank you for stopping by and remember to keep those cameras clicking!


Cold January Moon

On a cold night in early January 2009, the moon was shining bright and I had to go outside and see if I could get a shot of that big gorgeous moon. It was so cold out that I didn't spend but maybe 5 minutes outside. I think the temps that night were in the -7 degree range. I zoomed in as much as that camera would allow and the photo below is the result.  Not too bad huh for a beginner? 

Cold January Moon by Julie Everhart-photo taken with the Canon Powershot SXI0 IS.

On Christmas Day of 2008 I received as a gift a Canon Powershot SX10 IS with 20x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabililzed Zoom.The camera was 10MP(megapixel) and was released in October of that year and it was a big deal to me to get that camera. I took shots day and night with it trying to learn it as much and as fast as I could. 

My first real camera

It turned out that it was the only Canon camera I ever owned. I did get some good shots with it for the first year or so that I used it but my heart was set on a Nikon. I did eventually get a Nikon D200 in April of 2010.  I will share my first images with it at a later date. 

Thanks for stopping by and keep those cameras clicking!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Cold Air Balloon Ride Anyone???

This was a photo I took back in 2009 that today I did a new edit on. Back in 2009 I didn't know as much as I do today when it comes to editing. From day one of taking photos I got my hands on Photoshop and I have never looked back. I now have almost 10 years of working with that program and still love it just as  much today.  

Cold Air Balloon Ride by Julie Everhart

If you are a photographer, I highly recommend that you never delete your old photographs! I find so many gems when I look back in my older photos. Back at that time I would get so discouraged because I didn't think they looked as good as they should of and that was not the fault of the camera, it was only my inexperience and lack of knowledge of how to work my camera and change the settings. The only real basics I knew back then was that if I used the "P"(Program Mode- it selects all the settings automatically) setting on my camera I could get decent images. Yes, I was a real newbie, lol. 

 Just remember to always keep those cameras clicking!


Looking back through old photos

Yes... I am still looking back through my old photos on my computer and came across some that I took in or about the area of Ellenville, NY.  This was an overlook view along the country highway.  From time to time I wold take a drive there to watch the people go hang gliding and think about how that was something I had no interest in doing. Heights are not my thing!

But the view they must of had while gliding above the Shawangunk mountains had to be breathtaking!  I was quite content to stand on the ground and enjoy the view...:) Click on the photo for an enlarged view.

Ellenville NY and the Shawangunk Mountains by Julie Everhart

Keep those cameras clicking!


Am I there yet? Have I made it?

Oh how I love to see January 2nd on the calendar! Not because I am a winter person but because it means I survived all the major holidays and now life can get back to normal.  The Christmas songs, the Christmas movies and commercials on tv that we have been watching since  Nov 1st can now all just fade away.  Phew...finally! LOL

However... we also know what we will see and hear and that will be commercials about going to the gym! Thankfully that wont last long either. Kind of like how most New Year Resolutions don't last long for people. I guess it all comes down to advertising and the sooner you start advertising the more profits that can be made. Gotta get em while you can.

I believe that if you have a good product, name or reputation that slow and steady will win the race.  I guess that is how I feel about the work I have done over the past almost 10 years now online building my name and reputation as a photographer and artist. Back when I began showing my first works online I knew I had so much yet to learn and a long road ahead of me but I would just keep trudging along and day by day I knew that I would one day be where I wanted to be. 

Am I there yet? lol. Well.. in many ways yes and in many ways no. When will I feel I have "made it"... God only knows. How does one really know they are a good photographer?  I guess its based on your peers and recognition from the photography sites you are on as well as the comments you receive. Entering photography challenges and contests and winning is another good way to know.  For example... I just had an image of mine chosen to be printed in a photo exhibition in  Amsterdam in early December. My photo was one of 40 chosen to be displayed in print.  I would say that qualifies as a photographer who has "made it".  

 I took this photo while in the UK in November of 2016 in York England while on a photographic journey through Scotland and England with my husband and photographer, Bob Blankenship. I typically do not take photos of urban scenery but that day there was so much to see that I just kept clicking my camera... good thing I did!  I entered the challenge thinking to myself that I had a few "good shots" to enter so why not just enter them. I never would of believed in a hundred years that my photo would be one of the 40 printed out of like 37,500+ images entered into the challenge!!  But.. it was!! 

So would you like to see which image was chosen for the Urban Scenery Exhibition in Amsterdam last month?   Just click on the photo below! 

York CitySightSeeing by Julie Everhart

Click the link to see them talking about my image here.  In this image you can see my photo displayed on the wall next to where it reads Urban Scenery. And the best for last can be found HERE in the first photo on the page. The guy in the photo is looking directly at my photo...:) 

I would have to say that the highlight of 2017 for me was having my photo printed in an exhibition.  I can only hope that in 2018 the best is yet to come. 

Keep those cameras clicking! ( you never know what that shot might be worth)


Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of Year Digital Artwork Creation

5 Butterflies Digital Artwork by Julie Everhart

I started this artwork last night and finished it this morning. I think it would make for a beautiful throw pillow or pattern? What are your thoughts? 

Digital Blend Artworks

Digital Blend of Cellphone Artwork with Ladybug photo- By Julie Everhart

I was playing around with some filters and some digital artwork that I created awhile back and made this piece last night.  Its a mash up of some cellphone art along with a photo of a ladybug  I thought it was kinda interesting and wanted to share it here.  

Thoughts and comments are welcome!


Goodbye to 2017

I have thought about this past year and what I have learned from it all. I have been through a very challenging year with struggles and battles that have tested me and yet, here I am...still alive and still breathing and still making art. So much can happen in a year and so much can change. The question you have to ask yourself is what did you learn from it or did it change you?  Or are you willing to change?

Change can be a good thing although we are generally resistant to change. We get used to daily habits and routines and things being the same way and that can really be a cry for help in disguise.  Your body and your mind could be trying to tell you something. You might need to listen to it. Being stagnant is never a good thing if you want to learn and grow.  There is always something we can learn from even the worst of experiences. You  just have to be willing to open your mind and accept the changes. 

This past year has taught me about the things that need changing and that the only person that can make that happen.. is me.  Changes don't have to be drastic, you can start small and work your way up. Little by little you will see the differences in your life and it will help give you the confidence to make larger changes when obstacles or challenges appear. 

For me, a new year has always been about making New Years Resolutions and changes as well as sticking them to them!  4 years ago I made a little new years resolution that every day I was going to throw something away.  Be it a old plastic spoon in the drawer, a pen that no longer worked, an ugly plastic cup that I was tired of seeing, just whatever odd things that were laying around and taking up space. And to this very day, I still do that!  It really helped with keeping clutter out of my house. The reason I think I still do this is because I am just stubborn like that, I don't like to be a quitter, lol.

I am glad to say Goodbye to 2017 and I look forward to making the necessary changes that will make my life better. There will never be another 2018. Think about that for a minute!! We are the ones that are here on this earth to live and enjoy it for the next 365 days, lets all make it count! Live each day like it could be your last because as we all know, we are never promised tomorrow.

Thank you for stopping by and Good Luck in the New Year,