Friday, February 24, 2017

My "Hey Pretty Kitty Tote Bag" arrived today!

There was a sale in my Zazzle store on this past Sunday and they had a sale on tote bags, 50% off. So I went ahead and ordered two.  This one just arrived! It's adorable!

Hey Pretty Kitty Tote Bag by Julie Everhart

I have the ONLY one in existence at this time but YOU can order one today. 
Click Here to order!

Julie's Zazzle Store

There are 22 collections and hundreds of items
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sorry you haven't heard from me in a few days....

It's been a busy week here. One of my kitties hurt her foot and had to have surgery...:( And as you and as you can see in the photo she has the "cone of shame" on her. lol  Luckily everything went well and now she is on the road to recovery...:) She has a 2 room kitty condo and is enjoying her screened room with a bed, lol.

And as if this wasn't enough excitement, I too ended up in the ER yesterday with bad back pain. The pain got so bad that I actually passed out.  Not something I ever experienced before but I am glad after all the testing, they found  me in great health so I guess I will be around for a few more decades, lol.

I am hoping for a much better week next week and getting back to business as usual. :)

Keep those cameras clicking!