Monday, March 3, 2014

325,000 Views To My Photos In ONE Month!

February was a very good month for my photos. I doubled the views I had to my photos in  my Flickr profile! Having 3 photos make it to Explore last month was certainly a great boost.  That alone was almost 100,000 views on just 3 photos.

The rest of the month I had some really good days with 25,000+ views and a few low days of around 2,200+ views. I am just thrilled that I have made many new followers and lots of new fans ( over 950 new followers) this past month. I am now over 650,000 views.

Hopefully I can continue to create and inspire photos that will enchant and delight you to keep you wanting more. Feel free to have a look at today's newest upload below:

Keep those cameras clicking and and have a great day!


P.S. The sun is shining and I am heading out with my cameras to see what the day will bring.  Wish me luck!

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