Thursday, January 11, 2018

Honorable Mention- Top 10 Finish in Double Exposure Challenge

It was a tough challenge but I made in the Top 10 Honorable Mentions. I finished in 10th place overall in this Worldwide Photo Challenge!! Yippee!!!
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Double Exposure- 2 Hawks

I have been experimenting and playing around creating double exposures the last few days and the more I do it the more I like it!  The possibilities are endless!! While sitting at my computer this evening I created this digital artwork. I am pleased with the end result.

2 Hawks- Double Exposure Digital Artwork by Julie Everhart

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Keep those cameras clicking

3rd place overall in the Double Exposure Challenge

I am currently in 3rd place overall in the Double Exposure Challenge on Gurushots. The challenge ends tomorrow morning. There are over 6,000 photographers in this worldwide challenge. I am the top U.S. photographer and one of my images is in the Top 100 most voted on photos. 
Wish me luck!
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Monday, January 8, 2018

Double Exposure Self Portrait

Double exposure photos are a really fun and unique way to create photo art.  It involves the layering of two images to create one unique image.  It takes a little time to find the two images you want to use and you may have to experiment with several images to get the desired effect. I like to combine nature with people. In the photo I am posting here today the background is a treeline turned sideways combined with a self portrait of me. 

Double Exposure Self Portrait by Julie Everhart

The goal with double exposures is to be able to see both of the images in your finished photo.  You can experiment with hues and colors or black and white as well. The image below was done in black and white.

Double Exposure Self Portrait in Black and White
 by Julie Everhart

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New Digital Artwork Creation

While looking through my photos last night I got the urge to create a new digital artwork. I found this one to be fascinating with its beautiful golden lines. Makes you want to touch it! Don't you wonder what it is???

Click on the image to see an enlarged view.

Digital Gold by Julie Everhart

Thank you for stopping by to have a look and as always, keep those creative minds flowing and cameras clicking!


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Success Isn't About What You Accomplish in Life

Faux Winter Photos- The Truth Revealed

I have seen many images on Facebook over the past week or so showing images of palm trees with "frost" or "snow" on them and people claiming them to be real. I hate to burst the bubble but the truth is that those are what are called Infrared Photography... and my specialty.  However, the images are beautiful and no one can deny that. The image I am showing you today is a photo I took a few years ago at one of my local parks. It is one of the best examples I can show you of infrared photography,

Infrared photography is photographing light that is not visible to the human eye but is seen with special infrared filters.The palm tree that was in front of me was not white at all, it was a beautiful, lush green. The camera photographs the light that radiates from the leaves of the trees and grasses, it is actually not photographing the landscape at all.. but just the light is sees. 

The images do not come straight out of the camera this way. It takes a many hours ( countless hours) to learn how to properly edit the finished photograph to get this end result. This is what gives the viewer the surreal feel of the image and shows the art that goes into creating these beautiful images.

White Palm by Julie Everhart

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