Sunday, March 19, 2017

Stopping by to show a little "Love"

Good morning!

Sorry I  haven't posted for awhile. Been kinda busy around the house doing some spring cleaning...:) However...I am always working on photos and wanted to take a minute and make a post and show you all a little "love"...:)

I hope you enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Processed image and HDR image comparrison

Good morning everyone.Over the past week I have been working on some processing and techniques of HDR Photography.  The 2 images I have shown here are examples of what an HDR ( High Dynamic Range) image looks like compared to a regular processed image.  In the first image I have a standard one exposure image.  In the second image I used 4 images that I stacked and then processed. 
For many this is nothing other than a preference for how you would like an image to be presented to the world and is just the artists take on a particular image.  All part of what I love about being a photographer.  We have the control in our hands to show our photos to the world in whatever way we want. In my eyes....there are no rules when it comes to art and photography. 

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day...:)


Friday, March 3, 2017

5 penny challenge

I was doing a  little indoor photography today and grabbed 5 pennies and a light and wanted to see what I could do with them.  I liked the different colors and ages of the pennies.  Standing 5 pennies up is not as easy as the photo looks. Give it a try sometime.... it will test your patience, lol. 

Thanks for stopping by to have a look...:)

Enjoy your weekend!!


Macro of  5 pennies in a row by Julie Everhart

Indoor Photography-Nail Polish Flowers

I  came across these on Pinterest last year and decided to make a few.  Now that they have  been sitting in the vase all this time I finally decided that it was time to take a few photos of them.   Not something you see everyday but they make a great little subject to take a photo of, colorful, sparkly and unique! Dontcha think?

Nail Polish Flowers by Julie Everhart

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

HDR Photography- Fun with experimentation!

Good afternoon!   I have been busy working on some techniques with HDR photos over the last few days. This was a photo I took a few months ago and processed it with an HDR filter ( or two or three, lol) to get the desired effect.  It's definitely an art form in itself learning how create the look.  Of course the best way it to stack 3-7 images at different exposures to create a lot of depth.  This was just a single exposure.

The main thing is to have fun and never be afraid to experiment with different techniques to see what you can achieve. :)

Thanks for stopping by!