Monday, December 31, 2018

Zenaida Dove....AKA Turtle Dove

I spotted this little beauty high up in the tree tops this morning.  A gorgeous Zenaida Dove ( aka Turtle Dove).  Isn't she a beauty??? :)

Zenaida Dove by Julie Everhart

Thank you for stopping by to have a look! Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!  Maybe this will be the year you will decide to take up a new hobby... like photography??? :) 


Stand Up Squirrel

This morning on my walk with my camera and my cat Simon I came on this this really noisy squirrel.  I think he was wanting to cross the road and maybe he was sizing me up? LOL

He never did cross the road and he retreated back to the tree. Nonetheless...I thanked him for letting me take a few photos of him..:)

Stand Up Squirrel by Julie Everhart

Keep those cameras clicking and Happy New Year!!!