Saturday, January 20, 2018

New Fractal Artwork- It's Been Ages

It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long since I have sat down at my computer and created a fractal artwork!  This morning I decided to open up the program and see what I could create.  Since Valentine's Day is not far away and I love hearts ( collect them actually) I chose to start with a heart shape and go from there. It took me about 4 hours to settle on the final image that you see here below and render it.

Glowing Fractal Heart by Julie Everhart

There are not too many of us Fractal Artists out there and for good reason! 
1) It takes a long time to learn how to learn to use the programs ( whichever one you choose).

2) It takes hours of your time to actually create the image you want to render. 

3) The rendering time can be anywhere from 5 minutes to days.  The longer you let it render.. the more detail you will achieve in the final image. 

The good news is that once you do make a creation it is yours and yours alone and cannot be recreated by anyone else...:)

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Digital Artwork- Double Exposure

Last night I was sitting at my computer wanting to create another double exposure using some of my older images so I found one of my favorite photos of my husband and photographer, Bob Blankenship and combined it with an image I took in Perkins Cove ( Ogunquit, Maine).  I really liked how the trees blended into his beard. Cool stuff if you ask me! 

Click on the image to see a larger view

Double Exposure of Bob Blankenship- Photos by Julie Everhart

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Another Top 100 Photo and Top 100 Photographer!

I finished 74th overall and one of my photos was in the Top 100 most voted on photos, #78. Yippee!!

Click Here to see my rank

Shooting Double Exposures from my Nikon D810

Today I took my camera outside to practice taking double exposures with my camera.  I din't try to get too fancy but I wanted to get a little artistic. The Nikon D810 has the ability to do up to 10 exposures.  I went up to 3 and for me it was getting a bit too much.  I decided to just stick with 2 and see what I could create.

Double exposures are best shot with a silhouetted subject first so I used myself as the subject. I then pointed the camera up to some blue sky and tree limbs and the result is what you see below. I just love the tree limbs arms I have! LOL

Silhouette of Julie with Tree Limbs and Sky by Julie Everhart

If you haven't tried taking double exposures with your camera I suggest you spend a little time doing so.  You never know what fascinating artworks you might just create!

Keep those cameras clicking and have a great day!


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Remembering the Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland

In November of 2016, my husband and I visited the U.K on a 19 day journey across England and Scotland. One castle that we simply could not miss was the Eilean Donan Castle.  We spent the most time at this castle over all the other castles we visited. It was a very cold day and we had to have a few hot chocolates but it was certainly worth it.  The beauty we saw there that day can never be forgotten.Just take a look at the image below and see for yourself. 

Eilean Donan Castle in Black and White  by Julie Everhart

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