Saturday, January 14, 2017

Digital Designs and Wearable Art - Julie's Zazzle Store

Good Morning..:)

I spent a better part of the day yesterday sprucing up my Zazzle Store and adding new products. I feel much better now about how things are coming along with it.  Sometimes we just need stop procrastinating and start doing.  Little accomplishments here and there can add up to allot of success if you just stick with it.

I would love for you to come on over  and have a look around  and tell me what you think. I can always design a  special product for you if you would like to see a certain pattern/design that you like but would want it on a product that is not(yet) offered.

Friday, January 13, 2017

New Designer Leggings by Julie Everhart

My Picasso Fractal - Table Lamp

Now that's what I'm talking bout!  I just made my Top Selling image available now as a table lamp! How cool is that?  Well.. it is  to me anyway, lol.   The only place you will ever get this lamp is through my Zazzle Store so come on over and check it out.  Surely you know someone who would dig it!?!?!?!

                                15% OFF SITEWIDE    |    Use Code: WINTERTREATS

                         My Picasso Fractal - Now Available as a Table Lamp!

Julie's Zazzle Store Redesign - New Products being added!

I am over in my Zazzle Store this morning giving it a new look at adding few new products. I noticed that I haven't given my store a new look for about 2 1/2 years. It is definitely time for me to go do some updating there!   I have created hundreds of new images since then and see that my store needs much improvement. If you feel so inclined come on over and have a look around. 

Oh.. and Use Code: WINTERTREATS  to get 15% off your entire  order.

Julie's Zazzle Store

My Picasso Fractal- Throw Pillow

My top selling image was just purchased yesterday as a  20 x 20 throw pillow. If you would like to order one just visit the link below.  Makes for a wonderful and very unique gift item as well as a great conversation piece!

You can order it in a 16 x 16 throw pillow or even order it as a lumbar pillow! There are fabric options as well.

15% off with code WINTERTREATS

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Gorgeous Winter Gifs

Just some more gorgeous winter gifs that I wanted to share.  Enjoy your evening and thanks for stopping by..:) 

Follow me on Pinterest

Just another one of my guilty pleasures is poking around over on Pinterest.  Visit my profile page there to see what kinds of boards I have created and what kind of other side hobbies I enjoy like making jewelry and baking...:)

New Website

Good morning! It's been a very busy week here but I would like to announce that our new website is up and running. The image below should be the landing page you see when you visit the website.  

We have transitioned from our old site at vistaprint so it still may flip you back over to the old site but just refresh and try again if that happens.  My husband Bob Blankenship and I are the owners of From Camera to Wall. Yes, he too is a photographer like myself and together we have produced many gorgeous images.  Just 2 weeks ago he won an International Photo Challenge on in an Inspiring Architecture Challenge, his winning images can be found on the site and are available in print or canvas as well as many other photo items.  Be sure to check out the About Us section to learn more about us. 

Thank you for taking a look around the site. Feedback is greatly appreciated so if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to let us know.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Keep Those Fireplaces Burning

Enjoy your evening and keep those fireplaces burning...:) Good night all.

Photography Tip - Rule of Thirds

Here is a little photography tip for those of you that are new to photography or looking to improve  your photography.  This may take a bit of practice and also its something that you have to learn to be conscious of when framing your subject or composition before you click that shutter button. If you use any kind of photo editing online you may be able to crop the image to create the rule of thirds as well. Using a grid is the best way to make sure before you crop the image that it is the correct framing and crop.  (see my sample below)

Grid showing Rule of Thirds on image. 

Favorite Photography Memes

I always like to search out good photography memes. These are a few of my favorites.

Is it time for me to take the wreath down?

You think it's time for me to take down my fall wreath yet off the front door?? lol.  Autumn is my favorite season and this wreath is still on hanging proudly on the front door, even throughout Christmas and New Years! Some of us just don't like to let go of the seasons we love best..:) Many of you know that October is my favorite month with it being the month I was born and more importantly.. Halloween!! 

So what do you say? Is it time for me to take the wreath down?????

Whew! I made it!!

Whew! I made it!!  I thought I would never hear from them, lol.  The image of mine below was chosen to be shown in the Berlin Blue Art Gallery Exhibition as a digital display.  This exhibition will happen Jan 20-29th.

This will be my second exhibition that my work has been shown at.  To read more about the exhibition CLICK HERE.

Animated Gif Creation

Just a little gif I created awhile back. Sometimes as artists/photographers we make many creations for one reason or another, usually boredom. lol  Sometimes we don't think the image is good enough for anything in particular but we still  see beauty in it...:)

Looking for somewhere to share your gifs? Try

Bokeh? What is Bokeh?

I was recently in a photo challenge on that was called Bokeh Time !! Bokeh is a very popular style in photography to where the background of the image is blurred.  It can be either seen as "dots or circles"or just a very blurred, almost solid background.  The subject in your photo will be very clear and crisp and the background will be blurred.

You can get a more detailed description on Bokeh on Wikipedia by Clicking Here.

Bokeh dots ( created by light source) . This was not one of the images I used in the challenge.

This is not a style that I do often but I did have a few that I used in the challenge and a few that I took specifically for the challenge. As a nature and landscape photographer there are many photo challenges/contests that I enter into to simply push myself to learn a particular style . For example: Portrait Challenges or Still Photo challenges. Those would not be challenges that I would fit into but it will give me a personal challenge to grab my camera and learn that particular style and then enter those photos into the challenges to see how they do.

Merry Christmas to All Bokeh Snowman.  ( Also not used in the photo challenge). 

Bling Bokeh - One of my favorite rings.( Not used in Photo Challenge)
The image above is an example of how you can see this is a ring and yet.. its very blurred. The gemstone itself is the main focus area of the photo.  I had this ring sitting on a mirror when I took the shot giving the image even more bokeh and flare.  Choosing your subject for these types of images can be very critical in the overall effect and style that you are trying to achieve.

Macro image of a filament from the inside of a light bulb.( Not used in Challenge)  

In the photo above this gives you an example of how you cannot  see any specific type of background. Its simply blurred.  If I can remember correctly I took this photo at my kitchen table facing the window, so that I did have a light source behind the image.

So there you have it. A few of my Bokeh images to give you some examples of what Bokeh looks like. Feel free to leave any comments and ask any questions. I would be more than willing to answer you...:) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. Have a great day!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Photography Memes

You just gotta love these images and memes of animals  and photography. ( Other than the fact that some of the cameras are Canon, lol) Just kidding...:)  



Ummmmmmmmm... excuse me?

Ummmmmmmmm... excuse me?  lol.   As a photographer our job is to not only capture the moments but title the photo.  So give it your best shot...caption this photo... c'mon, let me hear what you've got! 

Cellphone Art

Digital cellphone art that I turned into a sparkly gif.  Gifs are always fun to create and share!  Pretty huh? :) I have made literally hundreds over the years. Maybe one day you will run across another one that I made out there and cyberspace and think of me...:) 

Digital Cellphone Art

Well Hello there!  Many times when I am not at my computer working on photos  you can find me playing with my tablet pc or cellphone creating little digital artworks. I am always amazed at the things you can create with a cellphone! The one shown here was created in 2014.  I don't always share them but from time to time I do and hopefully it will inspire someone to give it a try...:)

Digital Fun with Double Exposures

Digital Fun!  Sometimes you just want to be creative and see what you can come up with. This photo below is a double exposure that I made in Photoshop, plus I added some glasses on me using some little cellphone app I found ( which one? That's a good question! I have dozens on my phone, lol)  hint: Cell phone apps can be a great way to create double exposures if you don't have Photoshop. Never be afraid to experiment and just be creative! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

You're not going to drink outta that ..are you?

Ahhhhhhhhhh..... coffee...:)   I just love my new coffee mug I received from Bob for  Christmas.  Every photographer should  have a lens to drink coffee out of, right? :) Perfect gift for a photographer!

ReelFeel of 39.. in Florida??? Yes.. it happens!

Woke up to 42 degrees this morning with a RealFeel of 39. Yes, I would say this pretty much sums it up! LOL

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Keep warm and have a good night....:)

Butterfly Scarf

Gorgeous isn't it? 

YES!!! Its Poloroid Time!!

 So... what do you get a photographer for Christmas??? Well.. how about a new little mini Poloroid camera? Works for me!  Bob knew this had my name all over it.  This is a great little camera to have in your bag of goodies. This is made by Fuji and its an Instax Mini 8.It takes business card sized poloroid color photos. How cool is that?  I am going to have allot of fun with this little beauty. 

I have it loaded up with film and ready to shoot...:) 

Lens Envy!

Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!  Can you say lens envy?? lol  And look at the size of that guys bicep! Question is.... what does his right bicep look like???  I think he needs a giant tripod to go with that bad boy!

I'm About to Snap!

Yay! My new t-shirt arrived!  I love to wear photography related clothing when I am out shooting and this one had my name all over it! Agree???

I got it here

Days gone by.. looking back at the beginning images

I was looking through my photos on my computer back from 2008 when I got into photography and took this photo of a little sparrow sitting on frozen branches after a big ice storm we had in Upstate NY.  This photo was taken on Christmas Eve in 2008.

How much has my work changed over the years and would you say that expensive gear was required to get a shot like this? This photo was taken with a Canon Powershot S10.  This was the only Canon camera I have ever owned. I used this camera for about a year and then moved on to my first Nikon, a Nikon D200. Since that day I have become a  Nikon user for life but that doesn't mean that I didn't take lots of good shots with my Canon.