Thursday, May 1, 2014

Backyard Photography

Over the past few months I have been busy taking the time to try to bring nature closer to me. This has meant growing a new wildflower garden, hanging up some bird feeders, and my husband has built a beautiful little nature observatory or bird blind for me in the back corner of the yard. This deck overlooks a canal that I have been taking walks on to get many of my bird photos. Now I can  just sit under my umbrella and wait to see what will come my way...:)

One of my new bird houses. Hope it will make some little birdie very happy..:) 

Of course it helps to have a good camera and a long lens to get most of these shots. I am currently using a Nikon D7000 and a 100-400mm lens.  This is a great lens to use for the type of photography I do and with a little luck I just might be fortunate enough to get the new 150-600mm lens!  That would be a dream!

Observatory Deck in my backyard.

Canal behind my house. A Roseate Spoonbill coming my way!

Male Cardinal on top of Fence.
Blue Dragonfly in backyard

So far its been really good and I hope to continue being able to capture so much more of the wildlife that I know is around me.  Patience is what most of these shots are about and taking a lot of time to study nature and also let them get used to seeing me. Once they know that the big black thing around my neck is not going to harm them, nor am I... they get more relaxed with my presence. 

Being able to photograph so much nature from my backyard is a wonderful privilege and having a spouse who is also a photographer and great builder is also a plus, lol.  Thank you Bob for all your support and hard work..:)

Thanks for reading my post and for all the favorites and likes on my photos over on Flickr. I am now over 750,000 views!!!  If you would like to check out a few photos from today feel free to do so here.

Have a great day and keep those cameras clicking!!!