Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!!

 Many people are not fond of Valentine's Day for one reason or another,  well.. I am one who is! Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite "holidays'.  Mostly because I love to collect things that  have hearts on them.  I am a fan of love although I have been burned in the past I never let that stop me from finding love again. 

The images I have posted  here today arrived at my house just a short time ago from my husband.  I am one very fortunate woman to have such a thoughtful husband.  2 dozen roses, a box of chocolates and a card.  Many people find this type of a gift to be a waste of money or something that required no real though.  I disagree! 

Women loved to be thought of and I don't care who you are.. flowers bring a smile to one's face.  So guys, if you haven't gotten your wife or girlfriend a card or flowers, its  not too late.  Go out and get her something. Let her know she is thought of and that you appreciate her. This works both ways, men too like to be thought of.  If flowers and chocolates is not his thing.. well maybe you can cook him up a steak dinner with a big baked potato!! lol  Seriously, what man wouldn't like that?

Enjoy the rest of your day and Happy Valentine's Day to all!


Valentine Roses , Chocolates and Card. Photo by Julie Everhart.

Red Roses by Julie Everhart

Valentine's Chocolates by Julie Everhart

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