Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Storm is a Brewing!

A storm is a brewing!  Talk about brave! I don't believe I could get that close to nature to get that footage to make such a cool gif but then again... I haven't had the opportunity. As a photographer we like to get pretty close to nature and we are willing to take calculated risks to get the shot.  Those of you that know me, do you think I would be daring enough to try to get a shot of a tornado like the one shown below?

If I only had YOUR camera.. .the things I could do with it...

Many people like to believe that if they had a camera like mine ( Nikon D810) that they too could take beautiful photos. As much as I would love to tell you that's all you need to do what we do, I cannot.  Many years of practice and much goes into learning how to do what we do.  Here's a little photographer joke for you.

“A group of artists are invited for dinner by a famous chef.
In greeting the photographer, the chef comments:
I love your photos, they’re wonderful, you must have a very expensive camera.
The photographer doesn’t reply and walks into the dining room.

After dinner the photographer approaches the chef and says:
Dinner was sensational, very exquisite flavors, a true work of art,
you must have a very sophisticated stove.”

Photography Gifs

Never can I get enough of these photography/camera gifs.  When you are a photographer its all you ever think about or see.  Camera's are never far from reach as long as the world is full of spectacular beauty. It's our job to capture it to the best of our ability. 


Beautiful Winter Scene Gifs

Just a little collection of beautiful winter gifs I found and wanted to share with you all.  I am not much of a winter person at all but I certainly can appreciate the beauty of the season. Enjoy!

New From Camera to Wall Logo by Julie Everhart

I just wanted to let you know that I am very close to unveiling our new website! I will have  a gallery of approx. 40 new images from my trip to the UK in a gallery of it's own! I will also have a few new digital artworks that I will be showing for the first time.  With our new website from Smugmug you will have the options to order canvas prints, paper prints,  magnets, coffee mugs, stickers, greeting cards, mouse pads and much, more more! 

New From Camera to Wall logo from Julie Everhart Fine Art & Photography.

Holiday Images

I wasn't one who was full of holiday spirit this year but that doesn't mean I don't take the opportunity to create holiday images.  Just having a little fun here with some indoor photography.These were just a couple little ornaments that were in my entertainment center. So grab a few figurines, a string of lights and take a little time to be creative. You never know what you might come up with! 

To see more of my work you can visit my photography profile on

Bob and Julie Holiday Ornaments by Julie Everhart

Friday, January 6, 2017

Friends up North

I have some friends on FB that are feeling some cold weather up north. Florida this weekend is getting down to the mid 40's with a wind chill that will make it feel like 35. Not something us Floridians like! Lucky for us it's just for a couple days.

Just want my friends up north to know I'm thinking about you...:)

UK Collage

I mentioned in an earlier post about visiting the UK in November and wanted to share a little collage I made of some of my images from that trip. To see more images from that trip you will want to check out

We had a wonderful trip and  met so many nice people  along the way. Traveled over 2,000 miles by car throughout Scotland and England and what felt like 500 miles by foot, lol.

The castles and the landscapes were just outta this world and we look forward to going back again one day!

303,010 points on Gurushot

Kicking off the new year with 303,010 points on!

I have worked hard to acquire these points and work even harder to maintain my Guru status. With so many newcomers to the site it becomes a challenge to keep being seen but I won't let that stop me! I will just keep upping my game and taking new photos to stay on top. 

303.010 points-Guru Status

Quite the Busy Year- People in the City Challenge... Exhibition in Berlin?

It's been quite the busy year for me and I don't always get over here as often as I would like however, for those of you of that follow me and like to keep up with whats happening I would like to say thank you...:)

This year Bob and myself took a trip to England and Scotland in November and it was marvelous. A bit colder than we would of liked but we have only Hurricane Matthew to thank for that one. The hurricane hit one day before we were scheduled to take off for our trip but we were still able to make it happen.

If you visit my profile on ( you can see many of my photos from the trip.  Including the one below. This photo was taken in York, England and I entered the photo into a People in City Challenge and it was the 31st most voted on photo in the challenge and I finished in 17th place overall. This challenge was very important because they will be choosing 50 images to be shown as prints and 350 images to be displayed digitally for an exhibition in Berlin, Germany. I am anxiously awaiting to hear if my image has been chosen.

Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!


Not bad for this Florida gal! I finished 4th place overall in this Worldwide Photo Challenge in a Winter Wonderland Challenge on  There were a total of 4,360 photographers in this challenge. To see more of  my photos check out my profile on Gurushots at: