Saturday, February 8, 2014

What Inspires Me to Create? Who Inspires Me to Create...

Many times I get asked by my friends and other photographers "Who inspires me to create or what inspires me"? Well, I wish it was a simple answer. Mainly it just comes from within. I have a strong desire to always see what I can make today and who I can touch today with my work or inspire them.
Self Portrait by Julie Everhart

My favorite artists will always be Van Gogh with his unique brush strokes and heavily painted canvases and bold colors.  But  I also enjoy the soft pastels of Monet and Impressionism. Then again.. there is always Picasso with his crazy and unique style that I relate to. I have tried to mimmick these artists at different times over the years and tried to figure out how they did what they did. My home is like a museum with these attempts. By taking the time in doing so I realized that its not about being like someone else or doing as they did but you can incorporate styles and colors into your works to show your respect for these masters.
Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

What is considered Fine Art? Good question! To me its the hand full of works that you have created that get the most comments, faves or views. The ones that make people go "WOW, how on earth did you do that?" My answer is.. I don't know, lol. I simply played with colors and shapes until it made me like it and it passed my own "wow factor". If it is something I am happy with then  maybe others will like it?  Many times when I create a photograph or digital artwork I have no idea how it will be perceived by the viewers until I upload it.  Then when it gets attention I go back and study that particular piece and try to see what they really like about it. From there I may try to recreate it or its style or the colors that are in it and make a series. Sometimes I take the same image and change all the colors or re-edit just to see if that too will get response.

Below are a few of my works that have received many views in a short period of time online. The first one has received over 2000 views just this past week.

 Winter Pinks 2 by Julie Everhart
Winter Pinks 2 by Julie Everhart

When we as artist ask for your comments we really are asking you to help us create art that you want to see. We really do want to know your thoughts and help us fine tune our work. That is what helps guide us towards evolving in our creativity and passion to create.  It doesn't mean that  we can change the artist in us and change the unique style that each of us have but it can help us grow and change for the better.

Many times people do not know what to say to me when they view my work. They are in awe of how did I make an image look this way? Or why in the world would you make trees pink? I am just only expressing myself and sharing with you the world as seen through my eyes. I love to escape to a land that only exists in my mind and share it with you. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post today.  Feel free to come on over to my Flickr account and take a look at today's newest upload titled : In The Pink Park.

Have a great weekend!


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