Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bokeh? What is Bokeh?

I was recently in a photo challenge on that was called Bokeh Time !! Bokeh is a very popular style in photography to where the background of the image is blurred.  It can be either seen as "dots or circles"or just a very blurred, almost solid background.  The subject in your photo will be very clear and crisp and the background will be blurred.

You can get a more detailed description on Bokeh on Wikipedia by Clicking Here.

Bokeh dots ( created by light source) . This was not one of the images I used in the challenge.

This is not a style that I do often but I did have a few that I used in the challenge and a few that I took specifically for the challenge. As a nature and landscape photographer there are many photo challenges/contests that I enter into to simply push myself to learn a particular style . For example: Portrait Challenges or Still Photo challenges. Those would not be challenges that I would fit into but it will give me a personal challenge to grab my camera and learn that particular style and then enter those photos into the challenges to see how they do.

Merry Christmas to All Bokeh Snowman.  ( Also not used in the photo challenge). 

Bling Bokeh - One of my favorite rings.( Not used in Photo Challenge)
The image above is an example of how you can see this is a ring and yet.. its very blurred. The gemstone itself is the main focus area of the photo.  I had this ring sitting on a mirror when I took the shot giving the image even more bokeh and flare.  Choosing your subject for these types of images can be very critical in the overall effect and style that you are trying to achieve.

Macro image of a filament from the inside of a light bulb.( Not used in Challenge)  

In the photo above this gives you an example of how you cannot  see any specific type of background. Its simply blurred.  If I can remember correctly I took this photo at my kitchen table facing the window, so that I did have a light source behind the image.

So there you have it. A few of my Bokeh images to give you some examples of what Bokeh looks like. Feel free to leave any comments and ask any questions. I would be more than willing to answer you...:) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. Have a great day!



  1. That's very interesting! I've always wondered if that was called a specific name!

    1. Thank you Dawn...:) I am glad I was able to get that clarified for someone today...:)