Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Your Best Flower Shot

This is a tough one. Over the years I have taken so many flower shots. Everyone loves to see beautiful flowers and when they are photographed correctly they get allot of attention.  It could be the type of flower, the lens used, the editing, the mood or the camera that was used. However you choose to  make it happen is up to you.

Sometimes you do not know how your image is going to be received by the viewers until you post it. Other times what you think is a great shot is not a crowd pleaser.  The important thing is that you be happy with you work and proud to put your name on it. I love editing and filters and like to create images that are unique and represent me as an artist.  For example this image below was taken months ago and just last night I created the final look using Photoshop.

Flower Bomb by Julie Everhart

This image was done using a Split Prism effect. I liked the look of the single flower so much that I multiplied it times four.  Just to add more color and intrigue to the overall photo. To me it is like a bright pink explosion of beauty!

Experimenting with flower photos can be fun and sometimes you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Always be sure to save your original photo before you begin experimenting. You may want to open it again one day to see what else you can do with it or show it as it is or as you photographed it.

I wanted to show another photo here but the image was not properly displaying.  It is titled Water Lilly Dreams. Currently has over 400 views and over 100 Faves since last night.  It was another photo that was sitting in my computer for months and just last night I finally made it come alive!

Your questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today and have a good one!

Keep those cameras clicking!


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