Monday, February 17, 2014

Bird Photography... A MUST for ALL Photographers!

Trying to get that "perfect shot" of a bird in flight seems to always be the never ending task for most all photographers. Learning how to follow the birds flight patterns and steadying your camera is not an easy thing to do and can take years to master. This doesn't mean that we quit trying and it doesn't mean that a bird sitting perfectly still would not make a good shot.

Over this past weekend I was in Cape Canaveral, Florida and St. Augustine, Florida and took some time to focus on getting some new bird photos.  I was a little rusty but did manage to get a few shots that I am quite pleased with. 

Click  on the title of the photos to see them in high resolution.

Flight of the Seagull by Julie Everhart.

Seagull in Flight by Julie Everhart

You Talkin To Me? by Julie Everhart

As you can see I was able to catch two birds in flight.  The second image has a better overall appearance with the beautiful blue water behind it and the position of the bird. The image on the top was not my best shot however I did like the look in the birds eye.  The bottom image of the pelican was just a look I could not pass up!  He seemed to really be listening to me as I talked to him while getting closer and closer to him to get the shot.  He seemed to be very interested in what I had to say to him, lol. Silly bird!

All of the images were taken with my Nikon D200 and I was using my trusty Tamron 28-300mm lens.  It's the lens of choice for me, in fact I have 2 of them, one for each of my Nikon's.  It's a great lens in my opinion and saves allot of time when out shooting.  I rarely switch lenses while out shooting photos if I have my 28-300mm on my camera. Its a great overall lens for general purpose shooting.

Thanks for having a look and I hope you have enjoyed the photos. As you progress in trying to add different images to your portfolio you will want to take some time to have images like the example above to showcase your work.  People love to see images of birds.  No two images are ever the same and you will be very glad to have some images to call your own.


Too see more images from my trip to Cape Canaveral and St. Augustine feel free to visit my Flickr Profile.

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